A luxury brand that provides the fluidity and comfort of a polo T-shirt and the grace and elegance of a shirt. We bring the richness of the Indian textile and the finesse of the Indian craftsmanship without compromising legitimacy. Place your bets and banks on our alluring prints, bold designs, warm appearance and beautiful colours.


Patterns for all occasions.

Solids, Checks, Printed, Formal, Casual, Smart Casual, Festive, Dressy, oh yes, we are talking about men’s shirt only. Per se at the office, under the blazer at festivities, left undone on the beach or crazily patterned for fun night outs; our collection is immensely versatile and there is always a Civil Fox shirt to look good in.


When it comes to creativity, we are never hanging up our boots.

The whole purpose is to create shirts that people actually enjoy wearing and that is why we create diverse designs. From bold and quirky prints that made to be remembered, to subtle prints that quietly makes a statement and everything else in between pronounces the anatomy of the shirt. While we continue to create these designs, we always want to be hitting the right notes.


Cotton Breathes

Selecting the fabric is where it all starts. We use the premier choice for shirting fabrics: Cotton, and sometimes Linen and Denim. When we say cotton, we mean the luxury: satin weave, high count and superior quality. Along with being durable, our cotton shirts insulate and provide comfort all day long. Plus, the easy care is a daily life bonus for you.


We are keeping our eyes on the ball.

Quality is directly proportional to the fabric and its count and the fact that we use high-count cotton, vouches for the quality we maintain. Our Quality Control teams are present at the workshops to ensure a stringent check on every shirt that leaves our facility.

And the result?

The weave’s perfect. Sustainability’s on point. Longevity ensured.

The Man Himself

Anshul Agrawal

Owner and Initiator

Plain and simple is good, but the matter of fact is that Anshul embraces the free spirit of fashion and he definitely like some quirks too. A witty man and a happy soul, he is full of life and he translates the joyous spirit into the shirts that the brand crafts.

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